Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time Out from Training - Darn Hip!

So, I aggravated my hip pain with my run on Sunday.  It was worse Monday morning so I decided to go to the doctor.  My medical coverage is not that great and if I want to go to physical therapy I have to get a written prescription from my doctor.  But I have a super high deductible to satisfy before they pay.  BOO!!

Anyway, I do really like my doctor.  He is a runner, so understands my wanting to get back ASAP.  I didn't strain the muscle, but rather have an inflamed bursa of the hip joint.  Not fun.  My options were rest for several weeks and not run at all &, no...NOT an option.  The Rock & Roll Seattle is in less than 8 weeks!  

Or I could get a cortizone injection. It will take about 3 weeks for full effect, but can start running again in a few days.  Ok, will give that a try.  YEOUCH!! Not a fun injection, but it has given some relief already after one day.  He said I could walk a BLOCK on Thurs & a half mile on Friday.  Then maybe jog a mile on Sat.  Well, better than nothing.  Though as I got back to work after the appointment and walk from the parking area to my office, I realized I had measured it as a QUARTER MILE before.  More than just a block!! So I got permission to park closer for the rest of the week.  But I had to go to Target tonight, a bit of walking there!

It will be hard to not push too hard the next week or so, but I will have to hold back so that I will be healthy & ready for the big race June 26th...and more after that!! I still have thoughts of doing the FULL Seattle Marathon in November...we'll see!!


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