Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Signed Up for my Second Half!!

I signed up for the Langley Half Marathon yesterday!! Did it before the price went up by $10.  It's July 11th, 2 weeks after the Rock 'n' Roll, so completing it will qualify me for the Half Fanatics!!  I am thinking positive!! Not sure if anyone else is going to run it with me yet, but oh well!! It will be a nice weekend on Whidbey Island & the course is fully along the water.  Fort Casey is just over 30 minutes away, so we will probably take a couple days off & take our trailer & stay there, we try to go every year anyway.  Then Tony can drop me off on race morning! Will have a couple extra sleeping spaces if someone else does come up.

Still debating on whether to do the half or full for the Seattle Marathon.  Will wait to see how I do with these two and how my hip holds up.  Went to TNT practice Saturday and went almost the full 2 hours scheduled.  Walked much of it, but it actually felt better to run.  My doctor said I could "maybe" run a mile on Sat & I went 6 total...OOPS!  Well, I didn't feel bad after, but I did take the next 2 days easy to be safe.  Went for my first weekday run today.  Was scheduled for 50 mins, but stopped at 45.  Was a tough run & was starting to feel lopsided in the hips & didn't want to overstress.  Will see how tomorrow goes.  Want to be able to do my long run Saturday when I'm in Anacortes, can't wait to run the park loop along the water! 


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