Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unplanned Rest Week

Not sure exactly what I did, but somehow I strained a muscle in my hip.  It happened Sunday afternoon, only about 5 minutes into my run.  I don't think I did anything different or stepped wrong.  Though I did start my run in the field and I usually end there.  Tried to keep going for about 10 mins, but finally gave up and hobbled home.  Going to maybe try tomorrow (Thursday) if it feels ok in the morning.  Fingers crossed...I miss running!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mud & Chocolate Run

What a cool race!!! Course was through the beautiful Redmond Watershed, winding on the trails through the woods.  Very  nice!! Could have used iPod, but wanted to enjoy nature.  Jenn took off & she finished about 5 mins ahead of me, I think.  Jessica caught up to me after a bit, she had trouble with her watch at start & we finished the lap together.  She continued on for two more laps to complete the half marathon - YAY Jessica!!  I had about 300 yards to the finish line & I looked down at my watch then, it read 59:35.  Oh darn!! No way could I reach the finish in 25 seconds! But I had thought it would take me about 1:10 to finish, so finishing at 1:01 was great!
Pre-Race: Jessica, Jammie, Brianna, Me, Jenn

Brianna & Jammie came shortly after & we celebrated with Cheerleader Cat, who came to meet us at the finish! We took our chocolate medals & headed to "Chocomania", lots of truffles & bits & bites of various chocolate goodies. We weren't able to stay around until Jessica finished, but she did great too!  Fun times!!
Post-Race: Brianna, Jammie, Jenn, Cat & Me with our chocolate medals!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fearthest Run Yet!

Today I ran 9.28 miles on my Team in Training run! Wow!! I was hoping to get to 10 miles, but it would have went over my scheduled 120 minutes by at least 15 mins.   But it was still great to accomplish!!

Doing the Mud & Chocolate Run tomorrow in Redmond.  4.5 miles with chocolate at the end & chocolate medals!! Now THAT'S a good race!!!  Doing the race with Jenn, Brianna & I think Jammie.  Jessica is doing the Half Marathon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Training Update

I haven't posted for a couple weeks, so I thought I would do a quick update.  My training is going well.  The Team in Training Saturday practices are getting a little longer each week.  Last week was supposed to be 100 minutes, but they decided to change to miles.  So I ran for 8 miles!! My longest distance yet!! And it just took a little over the 100 minutes, it was 110 total!!  And I ran all the way across the Narrows Bridge and back to Vassault Park! It is TWO MILES from the top of the trail at Jackson Street to the top of the ramp on the West side of the bridge.  It was very windy, had to take my hat off, but very cool!!

Tomorrow we are back at Vassault, but we never know our route until we get there.  I hope we do 5 Mile Drive this week, I've been wanting to do that.  This week we run 120 minutes..2 HOURS!! The Half Marathon will take me about 3 hours, so getting closer!

Sunday, Jenn, Brianna, Jessica and I are doing the Mud & Chocolate run at the Redmond Watershed.  Jenn, B & I are doing the 4.5 mile run, I think Jessica is doing the half marathon.  This is a trail run, the mud part, followed by a chocolate party with chocolate medals!  Should be a fun time!!  Will be tired Sunday, but fun times!!  

Got new shoes this week, I pretty much wore out my old ones already, but they are still good for alternate shoes on shorter weekday runs, and trail runs.  I pound the pavement too hard, so not a lot of cush left.  Hopefully these ones will last through to the Rock & Roll in June!! Good shoes cost too much to buy every 3 months!! But they do protect the body, so a needed item.  Got a good deal at Running Warehouse, they have lots of great prices and I got a discount as a TNT member.  So saved about $40 over the local store, YAY!  But it is important to be fitted, so I needed to know what shoes work for me.

Wish me luck in further training!

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