Thursday, May 27, 2010

ONE MONTH Until Rock 'n" Roll Time

It is exactly ONE month until the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle!! My first half marathon! I am feeling very good about the running part, it will be my longest run & I am slow...but I will finish!! :)  I have already signed up for a second half marathon two weeks later!  Still have about $200 left to meet my Team in Training fundraising minimum...I am hopeful I will get there too!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Kilted Run @ Magnuson Park

It was a cold, cold windy day, but at least the rain stopped for us!! Lots of great kilts & nice scenery, even Lake Washington with it's whitecaps! Unfortunately it was too cold to stay & enjoy the beer garden, so we went to breakfast instead :) Toni wasn't able to join us since she had to work, so Jenn suggested we go eat at Pat's Bar & Grill where she works, so we got to see her anyway. Great idea! Enjoyed a nice HOT shower when got home!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Signed Up for my Second Half!!

I signed up for the Langley Half Marathon yesterday!! Did it before the price went up by $10.  It's July 11th, 2 weeks after the Rock 'n' Roll, so completing it will qualify me for the Half Fanatics!!  I am thinking positive!! Not sure if anyone else is going to run it with me yet, but oh well!! It will be a nice weekend on Whidbey Island & the course is fully along the water.  Fort Casey is just over 30 minutes away, so we will probably take a couple days off & take our trailer & stay there, we try to go every year anyway.  Then Tony can drop me off on race morning! Will have a couple extra sleeping spaces if someone else does come up.

Still debating on whether to do the half or full for the Seattle Marathon.  Will wait to see how I do with these two and how my hip holds up.  Went to TNT practice Saturday and went almost the full 2 hours scheduled.  Walked much of it, but it actually felt better to run.  My doctor said I could "maybe" run a mile on Sat & I went 6 total...OOPS!  Well, I didn't feel bad after, but I did take the next 2 days easy to be safe.  Went for my first weekday run today.  Was scheduled for 50 mins, but stopped at 45.  Was a tough run & was starting to feel lopsided in the hips & didn't want to overstress.  Will see how tomorrow goes.  Want to be able to do my long run Saturday when I'm in Anacortes, can't wait to run the park loop along the water! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time Out from Training - Darn Hip!

So, I aggravated my hip pain with my run on Sunday.  It was worse Monday morning so I decided to go to the doctor.  My medical coverage is not that great and if I want to go to physical therapy I have to get a written prescription from my doctor.  But I have a super high deductible to satisfy before they pay.  BOO!!

Anyway, I do really like my doctor.  He is a runner, so understands my wanting to get back ASAP.  I didn't strain the muscle, but rather have an inflamed bursa of the hip joint.  Not fun.  My options were rest for several weeks and not run at all &, no...NOT an option.  The Rock & Roll Seattle is in less than 8 weeks!  

Or I could get a cortizone injection. It will take about 3 weeks for full effect, but can start running again in a few days.  Ok, will give that a try.  YEOUCH!! Not a fun injection, but it has given some relief already after one day.  He said I could walk a BLOCK on Thurs & a half mile on Friday.  Then maybe jog a mile on Sat.  Well, better than nothing.  Though as I got back to work after the appointment and walk from the parking area to my office, I realized I had measured it as a QUARTER MILE before.  More than just a block!! So I got permission to park closer for the rest of the week.  But I had to go to Target tonight, a bit of walking there!

It will be hard to not push too hard the next week or so, but I will have to hold back so that I will be healthy & ready for the big race June 26th...and more after that!! I still have thoughts of doing the FULL Seattle Marathon in November...we'll see!!

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