Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll Countdown!!

Last Saturday the 6th was our longer TNT training run of the season.  And I did it!! I ran for 2 1/1 hours, my longest ever.  Got 11 miles in!! It was a beautiful day to run through 5 Mile Drive & beyond.  I think I will be able to finish the half in less than my estimated 3 hours.  Yes, I am slow, but I WILL finish!!  

My feet were burning the last mile, so I may check out some different socks in the next week.  Or bring an extra pair to change on race day.  I wore my old shoes on my short recovery run Sunday and I really do  like them better than my current shoes.  But I think they are a little too worn out to go the distance.  And it's too close to race day to get a new pair, even if it fit the budget.  They'll work, but something to keep in mind.  The insoles I bought at Route 16 seemed to aggravate my hip issue & knees too, so took them out.  They should be fine in my hikers.  The Target ones seem to work best, LOL!!

Signed up for a third half also! The You Go Girl Half in Tacoma on Sept 26th.  A group of us from TNT & other friends formed a team for a discount.  We may get some shirts to wear as the "Racing Divas".  Not too hot on the name, but running with friends is the best part.  So I'm signed up for 3 halfs, contemplating a full & I haven't even run ONE half yet!! But love the feeling of accomplishment of what I've already done! Thanks to a lot of support & encouragement from my family, friends & TNT Teammates!

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