Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sumner Rotary Freedom Fest 5K - July 3rd 2010

This was a nice hometown race. Not a huge crowd, but enough to make it seem like a “real” race. Had chip timing, race bibs & published results, so it counts! Just Jenn & I for this one, everyone else was busy or still recovering from RNR. Nice FLAT course through the streets of Sumner. Race results posted almost immediately, which was so cool!! Jenn & I both ran our fastest 5K times ever!! Pretty surprising considering we just did a half marathon the week before. I know I still felt like a slug & my left foot still hurts from the blister healing!!

Jenn finished in 33:54 & I was 35:43. I think my previous best was 38:25, so shaved almost 3 minutes!! I’d been aiming for under 36, so now I have my sights on under 30!! Since the field was so small, about 128 finishers, I thought maybe Jenn would qualify for an age group award. But WOW, our age group top 3 were faster than the 35-39 AND the 40-44 groups!! Guess we need to kick it up a lot more, LOL!! But really, I am happy to just finish…but still, I AM pretty competitive at heart… ;-)

Fun race, will do again…and maybe Tony will actually make it to see me at the finish line next time. A hometown race & he STILL missed…he won’t go to Seattle races. Hates crowds & hates Sea-town. he thought this one would start late & take me an hour!! Sheesh!! At least Pat (Jenn’s hubby) brought us coffee, yay!! Thanks Pat!! But T did buy me another one later to make up for it :)
Me & Jenn & our coffees!! And water too :)


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