Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Langley Half Marathon 7/11/10

So, I decided that I wanted to be an official crazy person and join the Half Fanatics ( To qualify, I could either run 3 half marathons in 3 months or 2 in 16 days. Well, 3 in 3 sounded easier, but I couldn’t find any that fit my schedule with school weekends, so I signed up for the Langley Half Marathon (South Whidbey Island) on 7/11/10, two weeks after the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle. I was on my own for this one too, everyone else thought I was crazy doing one so soon after Rock 'n' Roll.  Oh well!! It was MY personal challenge :)

The race was advertised as “Gently Rolling Hills”…no problem I thought, I trained on hills at Vassault & 5 Mile drive with Team in Training, no biggie!! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!! “Gently Rolling Hills” is their inside joke for 57 hills in 13.1miles with a BIG @$$ hill at the turn around at half way!! Ok, maybe not quite 57 hills, but it was a lot!! Up & down, up & down…never ending.One tough course!! Even the guy who won it said it was hard!! Langley Half Article
On my way!! (In green shirt)
But, I did it!! Forgot my iPod & slow poke me was near the back of the pack so was alone pretty much after the turn around. But I pushed on & DID IT!! And only 3 minutes slower than my Rock ‘n’ Roll time. Still under 3 hours, if barely…2:57:54. I battled blisters with Rock ‘n’ Roll, hills in Langley. I’d rather take hills overall, much quicker recovery :)
Only 5K to go!! :)
Bad thing about this one is that being a smaller race the support at the end wasn’t very good, since most people were already done. I didn’t even get a bottle of water, had to buy some from the vendors of the street fair!! Not cool! But the support on course was great, even if stupid people in cars did not obey the road closed signs and still zoomed down the road. But the Sheriffs usually caught up with them. Chatted with a few people on the course & even met a gal from Yakima area that had done TNT winter season to do the RNR Arizona in January. Found out later that she is friends with my cousins who live over there, pretty cool!! Small world!

At the finish line I had Tony & Connor waiting, Connor was my official race photographer, LOL!! It was great to have them there. And a fantastic surprise was my awesome friends Cat & Brianna plus their hubbies Mike & John, cheering me on right before the finish line! So cool!! They planned it a couple weeks ahead & were able to keep it secret, even from Tony, they told me they were going for a Harley ride that day.  And they did! To Langley!!
I DID IT!! #2 in the bag - I'm a Fanatic now!! :)
My awesome friends & hubby!!

So, now I am a Half Fanatic, number 491!! Should be getting my jersey any day!! Now to add some “moons” to my number…having different “streaks” of half marathons.  The next streak I could do is 6 in 6 months, I have 4 on the books (Sept & Nov coming up), but can’t find ones that fit my schedule in Aug & Oct...but there will be plenty of time to add…I’m going to keep on running.  A marathon’s out for this year…but next year…??? There is the Marathon Maniacs…


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