Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mud & Chocolate Run

What a cool race!!! Course was through the beautiful Redmond Watershed, winding on the trails through the woods.  Very  nice!! Could have used iPod, but wanted to enjoy nature.  Jenn took off & she finished about 5 mins ahead of me, I think.  Jessica caught up to me after a bit, she had trouble with her watch at start & we finished the lap together.  She continued on for two more laps to complete the half marathon - YAY Jessica!!  I had about 300 yards to the finish line & I looked down at my watch then, it read 59:35.  Oh darn!! No way could I reach the finish in 25 seconds! But I had thought it would take me about 1:10 to finish, so finishing at 1:01 was great!
Pre-Race: Jessica, Jammie, Brianna, Me, Jenn

Brianna & Jammie came shortly after & we celebrated with Cheerleader Cat, who came to meet us at the finish! We took our chocolate medals & headed to "Chocomania", lots of truffles & bits & bites of various chocolate goodies. We weren't able to stay around until Jessica finished, but she did great too!  Fun times!!
Post-Race: Brianna, Jammie, Jenn, Cat & Me with our chocolate medals!


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