Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Update

I caught a bad chest cold shortly after starting this & it slowed me down a bit, but walked on most days I couldn't run.  Gotta keep the training going!! 

Saturday February 13th was the Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Valentine's Dash at Green Lake.  I was just a few days into my cold, but had signed up with Jenn & Toni so I was NOT going to miss it!  It was a bit tough, had to stop 4 times & I had planned only once, but I FINISHED!! Wanted to do it in under 35 mins, official time was 39:29.  The Tacoma St Patty's Run is next on March 13th, plan to beat that time!!  Toni did awesome, finishing in 31 mins & Jenn just under 35 I think.  The rain held off until we were done, started right as I approached the finish line, good timing! Fun day overall, look forward to more runs being healthy!!

 Jenn, Toni & Me at the Valentine's Dash

TNT training is going well.  Sticking to my weekday schedule, dragging my non-early bird rear out of bed & getting out there.  Feels good when I accomplish it!  Last week our Saturday practice went a slightly different route that sounds like it will be the standard for the Vassault Park runs.  We went down Vassault hill to the back entrance of Pt Defiance & started into 5 mile drive.  Last Sat's run was 50 mins & I went 4 .2 miles, felt pretty good about that.  The thing with going DOWN Vassault hill at the start though is coming UP it at the end! All 1.1 mile of it!! WHEW!! Had to walk a few times, but not terrible...I will run up the whole thing by the time we are done!! :)

Will miss this weekend's practice run.  I am going up to Bellingham for orientation for my Physical Therapist Assistant program.  I am very excited, but also nervous to be going back to school! But it will be worth it to have a job I ENJOY!! And be a fit, healthy runner! :)


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