Friday, February 5, 2010

My First Post!!

I've set up this blog to help me track my progress from being a beginning "renewed runner" to successfully completing a half marathon...and beyond!!  Just a couple months ago I thought the idea of doing a full marathon was crazy, but it's creeping it is slowly creeping onto the list of things "must do" in my list, my bucket list I guess, LOL!  If you'd like to follow my adventures & help motivate me, that would be great! :)

So here's my "backstory" on what lead me back down this path, a good path!! I've kept fairly active over the years, hiking, biking, walking, etc., but not really "in shape".  After watching a friend's running progress on Facebook over the last year, I got motivated to hit the roads again!  Megan went from not really running, then a few 5Ks early in the year, to half & then full marathons in the fall!! WOW!! She became a "Marathon Manic", an actual club :), with her third marathon in 90 days.  Well, I'm not aiming for that, but I do want to become a "Half Fanatic" & get my official Fanatic jersey :)

Getting back to running ties in with another big life decision I made this past year...I decided to go back to school!!  After a back injury I was sent to physical therapy to help with the pain & healing.  I loved it! And became very interested in the field.  I have my bachelor degree in nutrition so it seemed a good fit. Did some research & found that a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is a job that pays well & is in demand with good future prospects...perfect! I found a program at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham (same town as my Alma Mater Western :) that is an online hybrid program; the book work part is done online & I'd travel to B'ham one weekend a month for the lab work...PERFECT!! Worked hard for over a year to get the last couple admission requirements done & I got my program acceptance letter on January 13, 2010!! YAY!! It will take 9 quarters, just over 2 years, but will be worth it to be in a field I actually enjoy!! And I should be in better shape to do the job :)

So,  back to the running...a few of us banded together to motivate each other, started the "Couch to 5K" training program ( & we set our goals to run one 5K event each month in 2010.  Except January, the only event was a polar bear run on New Year's Day & we weren't ready for that...but I AM doing it next year!! Another friend did & it looked fun, though cold!

My friend Brianna still thinks I am a little crazy I think, but I decided I wanted to run a half marathon by the end of summer.  She humored me & said OK, LOL!! We decided on the Rock 'n' Roll (RNR) Seattle Marathon & Half on June 26th.  They have bands every mile & a big party at the end...sounded perfect for us!! 

We were ready to sign up when we found our that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team in Training (TNT) was forming a team for the RNR Seattle!  TNT provides running coaching & mentoring, while also raising funds to help find a cure for blood cancers.  Well, this was perfect!! Brianna is an almost 2 year SURVIVOR of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma & LLS is our preferred charity! We have done other LLS events, like the Big Climb of the Columbia Tower & the Winter Pineapple Classic, a fun 5K obstacle race.  
         (Brianna, Jenn, Cat & Me)
So we did it!! We signed up with TNT & have committed ourselves to improving our health & lives & personal challenges through running, but also helping others through the funds we will raise as members of Team in Training! My personal goal is to raise $2500 for LLS.  This might sound like a lot, but every bit helps.  I would appreciate any donations, large or can help more people like my friend Brianna!! She has gotten a second chance & has dedicated herself to helping others have one too...I intend to be right there with her :)  Here is my fundraising page if you would like to help too!     
Thanks for reading my long intro post, others will be shorter, maybe... ;-) Who knows what adventures in running I will encounter?!?!?!?  Have a GREAT DAY!!


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