Saturday, March 20, 2010

TNT Run to Narrows Bridge

I had an awesome run with Team in Training this morning.  We met at Vassault Park & have usually headed down to Pt Defiance & 5 Mile Drive.  The Vassault Hill is killer coming back, but our coaches tell us the Tacoma TNT team does the best in the marathons because we deal with hills every week :)  

Today he headed the opposite direction, up Narrows Drive, then down Jackson St, over Hwy 16 & the trail that leads to the new Narrows Bridge.  I was scheduled for 50 minutes, but my turn around point (25 mins) was about a quarter mile from the start of the bridge.  I started to turn around, then decided I couldn't pass up the chance to run on the Bridge!! So I headed back & made it onto the Narrows Bridge! I thought it was pretty cool!! 

The full marathoners had 90 mins run this morning, so they kept going.  I decided to turn around at that point since I was going to be at 60 mins by then.  But I did it!  Had a hard time at about 45 mins when heading up a long hill.  Thought I was going to have to walk the whole way back, another 1.5 miles.  But pushed through & did it.  Finished strong & ended up running my furthest distance so far, 5.14 miles in 64 minutes! Felt great & I even did a 20 mile bike ride yesterday!! Knees are a bit sore tonight, but tomorrow is just a 30 min recovery run.

Jessica, one of our coaches, also talked today about the importance of taking walk breaks during marathons, both half and full.  I had been pushing to 9 mins running before I walk for 1 minute, but she said just people with a couple marathons under their belt should do that.  I should cut back to 5-6 mins, 7 at most, run, and 1 min walk.  I went for 7 this run, but found 5-6 was better in second half.  The point is to not run to exhaustion, but give yourself the small recoveries so you have some in the tank to push at the end.  Studies have shown a person can cut 13+ mins off a half marathon time by doing the walk/run intervals!! Pretty amazing!! I was always intimidated by the thought of a whole marathon, but maybe.... My mentor Jessica went 31 miles today & my friend Megan went 28+ today too (45K for her friends 45th birthday!!)!! AMAZING!!!


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